A workshop was held in the College of Nursing entitled “The Impact of Social Media on Young People’s Thinking”, which included several axes, the most important of which are social networking sites, the negative impact of social networking sites on young people and the positive impact, as well as tips to reduce the use of social networking sites
As for the objectives of the workshop, it lies in educating the participants about the danger of social networking sites on society, and raising awareness of the damages of social networking sites on mental and physical health, as well as urging the participants to benefit from the communication sites and avoiding misuse, as well as avoiding as much as possible from publishing their personal information on the communication sites to avoid harm.
Several outputs included intensifying efforts by holding seminars and training workshops to raise awareness of the dangers of misuse of social networking sites and the need to publish posters and distribute leaflets to spread cultural awareness about communication sites and how to use them properly.

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